Porcupine Quillwork

Porcupine quillwork decoration was widespread in most northern regions of the North American continent in pre-reservation times. Prior to the contact with whites, who introduced glass

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Saved list cloth

The Plains Indians were very fond of the woollen cloth supplied by the white traders, skilfully making clothing and every other conceivable article from it. The white,

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Strike a light bags 

Strike a light bags were quite common among the Plains Indians in the 19th century. They had both a practical and aesthetic function. The fire strikers were

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Northern Plains side seam moccasins. Decorated with porcupine quills and seed beads. British museum, London.

Side seam moccasins

Side seam moccasins are the oldest known type of moccasins from the Great plains. During the first half of the 19th century, they were the

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Plains Indians War Shirts

War shirts are some of the most beautiful artifacts plains indians produced. They were not just interesting and attractive pieces of outerwear, but rather a

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