My name is Lukas Navratil. I have been producing Indian reproductions since 1996. I started out by making replicas for Indian re-enactments, and later I begun to specialize in making historically accurate and authentic reproductions for serious collectors.

My primary focus is on the Great Plains region and the pre-reservation era (pre-1880). I am most interested in the Plains Indian wars period (circa 1850-1880) and the Fur trade (1810-1840).

An emphasis on attractive and balanced design and the highest degree of historical authenticity are the main features of my work. I consider my work a combination of science and art.

Scientific approach means that the concept of each reproduction is based on careful research of extant historic pieces. I have a database containing thousands of photographs of historic originals, and in addition I have had the opportunity to have a number of original pieces in my own hands, either from private collections or show by museums.

The artistic and aesthetic side is equally as important. I strive for an attractive and balanced design and always spend a lot of time experimenting with different patterns and design elements to find the ideal combination.

I produce some of the materials and craft by myself (brain-tanning hides, beadwork, designing and assembling the products). For other work I collaborate with friends who are usually leaders in their field (quillwork, saved list cloth, partial beadwork, brain-tanning).

My motto is „Don’t be mass, be class“. If you are looking for Indian reproductions that are quick or cheap, I probably won’t be of much help. The market is currently flooded with an abundance of poor, ugly, inauthentic, and historically inaccurate reproductions.

Conversely, those that go in depth are very few, and they are scarce. I try to be one of them. My mission is to bring depth and authenticity to this world.

If you share my vision of the world, I believe we can become fast friends and business partners.